Freeform Labs, Inc & Starbreeze Studios

Freeform Labs, Inc & Starbreeze Studios

Ignite your imagination in a universe of your creation.
ElemenTerra is a world-building game being developed by Freeform Labs and published by Starbreeze Studios

Creating a world has a universal appeal. I think everyone in my family would enjoy it.
— Laurie T.


Extremely immersive, beautifully crafted, and highly engaging.
— Hasan K.
Tough to translate into two-dimensional television, but, trust me, it’s amazing.
— Fox 11, Los Angeles
Love it, and can’t wait to spend more time in this world.
— Josiah G.
I kind of felt like a supernatural Bob Ross...
— Giancarlo Valdes, VentureBeat - https://venturebeat.com/2014/12/17/usc-2014-fall-demo-day/
I really liked the level of creativity that I could enact on this world! Seeing the critters that would flock to my world was very rewarding!
— Allie H.
It was much easier to “get” and use than i thought it would be. I’m not a gamer so i have a hard time multi-tasking controls. It was very intuitive.
— Jeffery A.



Most Innovative Honoree

The Proto Awards, 2015


Indiecade Select



Best Digital Media Award


Best Art Award


USC Symposium, 2015


Ready for Action Award


Game of the Year Finalist


Autodesk CG Student Awards, 2015

"Spectacular abilities with killer skills. Absolutely ready for industry action!"