Rebuild the Universe

Remember creating worlds
instantly, immersively,
and flying through them?

ElemenTerra empowers your imagination

ElemenTerra is Evolving

Below, you can watch gameplay from the student project that ElemenTerra is based off of.

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What People are Saying


  • Extremely immersive, beautifully crafted, and highly engaging.
    - Hasan K.
  • I really liked the level of creativity that I could enact on this world! Seeing the critters that would flock to my world was very rewarding!
    - Allie H.
  • I felt more immersed and had much more fun that i did with other games [at SoCal VR Con]
    - Daniel Y.
  • It was very relaxing.
    - Aaron L.
  • The hand tracking was fantastic to use. The pallete concept was great, and it all felt so natural.
    - Josiah G.
  • I love this project and would love to see it grow!
    - Juan E.
  • Creating a world has a universal appeal. I think everyone in my family would enjoy it.
    - Laurie T.
  • This has definitely been my favorite [VR] experience. Very immersive.
    - Jeremy J.
  • I thought the demo was really fun... turning my body was controlled by actually moving - that was really weird but fun to get used to. Flying was easy.
    - Eugenia G.
  • It was much easier to "get" and use than i thought it would be. I'm not a gamer so i have a hard time multi-tasking controls. It was very intuitive.
    - Jeffery A.
  • One of the best student created VR experience I've seen so far.
    - James from Reload Studios
  • Putting my hand in the air to fly... pure brilliance. Love it, and can't wait to spend more time in this world.
    - Josiah G.